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So for good reason and to do our bit to stop the spread of this virus, it looks like we'll all be staying at home for a while. Although it's scary and unsettling and no one knows what to expect, it's also a time for reconnecting, of enjoying this stillness and quiet with our loved ones and simply celebrating the simple joys in life.

Style Your Spaces centres around bringing people together. Be that at beautiful weddings, a dinner with your friends set around a gorgeous styled dining table or in creative events helping brands really connect to their customers. And although we might not be able to stand together physically for a while, there are so many ways that we can indulge in this precious time of simply being together, spending more time around the dining table and supporting those communities around us...

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If you're about to have the kids back from school earlier than you anticipated or you're suddenly finding yourself at home with your other half, strangers to this working at home life, then I've been having a think about things we can do and focus on, to make the most of this time we've been given to re-centre ourselves and tune in to a slower, simpler life.

Light some candles and embrace that full on hygge life

When do we really, properly allow ourselves some time to switch off? The news is all a little overwhelming at the moment and I'm finding it hard to put my phone down. It's important to stay informed but don't let it dominate. Let yourself switch off a little and embrace the cosy, staying in feeling. Normally, we're all rushing back in from school/work/the gym to cook dinner in 10 minutes flat. Whilst we've got a bit of extra time on our hands, use this as a chance to pick something out of a recipe book together (or let your little ones pick a recipe they could be involved with too and ingredients permitting that is..!) and reconnect to this act of a slower evening routine.

Set the table - indulge in a few more candles and making things look beautiful - allow yourself to celebrate these little details. Maybe you could get the kids to be creative in making some decorations for the table - order some flowers online and let them play around arranging them in little vases, collect some stones/shells/leaves from the garden or local park and paint them to use as place settings. Perhaps collect some greenery and make a little garland to place down the centre of the dining table.

The napkins above were made from scraps of lilac fabric I had lying about in my studio. You can easily make them yourself as long as the material is something that tears easily such as a linen or brushed cotton. A standard napkin size is around 40 x 50cm and I simply make little cuts with some scissors at 40cm intervals and then rip the fabric, pulling off any loose threads. Once I have the 40cm wide strips, I then measure out each napkin at 50cm length and do the same again- giving you a lovely, rustic frayed edge.

Do that online course or home project you've been wanting to do for months

The beautiful Amy from Pops & Piaf has inspired me with her recent posts over the last few days. She's been using this extra time at home to restore a lovely Victorian armchair and to sand and paint her kitchen dresser.

The lovely Willow Crossley Creates on Instagram (@willowcrossleycreates) has some lovely video tutorials of lovely Spring arrangements and things you can do together at home. Check out her video to pot some Spring bulbs in your favourite pot/vase/bowl.

Reconnect to your creative instincts and the joy behind using your hands to make something!

So many of us spend all day behind a desk and staring at a screen. When we were younger, we were surrounded by opportunities at school or perhaps at home to be creative- to make things - to play. This is a skill we need to reclaim.

One of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon is when I'm drawing up briefs and floral design ideas for clients. I clear my dining room table and have only my sketch pad, pens and watercolours in front of me. I've also started a pottery course recently, (I have a small obsession with beautiful ceramics), and forgot how absorbing and relaxing it is to focus on just making something.

Some lovely reads for these quieter days

Living in Provence - a beautiful, inspiring read with gorgeous photos

Grace - Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue

Mad About The House: 101 Interior Design Answers - one of my favourite Interior designers who also co-hosts the podcast 'The Great Indoors'

This Is Home: The Art of Simple Living

First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: A new conversation about anxiety - for anyone struggling with their anxiety during this unsettling time. I am a real worrier and battle with anxiety. This was one of the most honest and refreshing books I've read by the brilliant Sarah Wilson about coming to terms with how to take on our anxiety as a thing of beauty.

Stay safe, look after each other and we'll all get this through this, together.

Love Katie x

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