Shopping for Lampshades

Shopping for Lampshades

Choosing the right lampshade for your lamps is tricky -

I've compiled a little guide below to sizing, fixtures and my favourite shades for different lamps. 


So the standard rule is that your lampshade should be double the width of your lamp base and around a third of the total height of the base. I have, however, seen thin wooden lamps with huge over-sized shades that worked really well or small round lamps with extra wide Coolie numbers. SO although there are certain acknowledged rules, it's also open to interpretation of what works best in the space. 

Most of the time, for a standard small-medium sized table lamp, our 30cm diameter lampshades are pretty perfect. Up to 40-45cm for a big lamp and a flatter Coolie lampshade for smaller bedside or decorative lamps. 

Wall lights or small candle clips shades will mostly be attached with either a small utility fitting or candle clip attachment (for oblong type candle bulbs). 

Table lamps might either have a utility fitting or a duplex fitting that requires a shade holder. 

6"  Shade Carrier

Shade holders can actually be really useful as they allow you to easily adjust the height of the lampshade and to remove the shade when you need to clean it or dust the bulb without having to unscrew the whole thing. 

Another thing to consider is whether the lampshade has been lined with anything- some shades are lined with parchment paper or fabric which will change the softness of the light emitted through the shade. 

For small, round lamps:

Ceau Store

These high quality linen/cotton pleated Coolie shades by Ceau store are a modern take on the vintage versions. Available in a number of different colours, their striking wider design is perfect for small wooden or ceramic lamp bases that need something a little extra on top. 

Forest green Striped Pleated Lampshade - £88 - Available on Glassette  

Forest Green Stripe Pleated Lampshade

 The Drawing Room

When I launched our Howe Street shop, I was very excited to work on an exclusive collaboration with Rosie for some beautiful lampshades. Rosie created a bespoke size for our tall counter lamp from a painted background I'd spotted on one of her earlier pieces of work. This pattern is now available as a 30cm base Coolie lampshade in our shop and online store too - with a striking sky blue cotton trim (£115).

Our counter lamp is a large solid rectangle base with a very wide and low Coolie shade on top and the contrast in shapes actually works really well. 



We also stock her popular diamond design with a dark brown trim (£115). 


For thin lamp bases:


One of my favourite Instagram accounts for antique furniture and beautiful vintage art is Tarn London.  Tanya has been working on her first own-brand product - these beautiful shades - I just love the flower like shape and suitability for a tall, thin lamp base. They will be available to pre-order on her website soon. 

Tarn Shade

Bespoke Paper Lampshades:

We have a beautiful range of papers in the shop including the stunning marbled prints by Jemma Lewis or the fun, striking designs of Heather Evelyn which all work well as lampshade patterns. All our papers can be used for our bespoke lampshades, made in a variety of sizes and with the option of contrasting coloured cotton trims. 

Starting from £35 for Candle Clip. Please email to order. 

Marbled Lampshade

Marbled Papers

For Wall Lights:

Rosi de Ruig

I love the simple elegance of the striped candle clip/wall light shades (£77)  - I've ordered one of these for our upcoming office renovation which will sit just above head height by my desk to work as a reading light too. 

Hand Painted Striped Juniper Blue
If you're looking for unusual patterns too, Carbon Velvet up in Yorkshire produce beautiful bespoke shades too, including these Dappled velvet candle clips they made from the fabulous Beata Heuman fabric. 
Candle Clip Shades
For Larger Lamps:
Matilda Goad still stocks one of my favourite shades- the original rattan scallop with coloured trim (from £80). They're beautiful quality and a really pretty shape. They also work really well with urn-shaped large ceramic lamps. 
Matilda Goad Lampshade
Or Birdie Fortescue have good large pleated fabric shades too - in a variety of block-printed fabrics. Her large shades 45cm are around £98 
Fabric shade