Where to Shop For Affordable Art

Where to Shop For Affordable Art

Sourcing original, beautiful and affordable artwork for your home can be tricky. It's hard to know where to look and sometimes walking into a big gallery can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming (especially if there are no prices on display!)

After conducting a couple of polls on Instagram, it became clear that lots of you struggle with where to look for affordable art. And so, I thought I'd put together a little guide with some of my favourite platforms and resources, with the hope that it might be helpful!

There are some really great online platforms now with good, curated collections of artwork. Personally, I really value originals - I like to own a piece of something totally unique. But of course there are also some really good options when looking at prints too. 

1. Style Your Spaces Art Drops/Howe St Store

I've got to start with our own art drops. When I opened the shop in April this year, I was determined to not only have great creative and original artwork on the walls but also to support and help showcase some of the best up and coming artists. 

Since April, we've had a different artists exhibit their work on the walls of the shop each month, from Frances Costelloe's lido inspired paintings to delicate pressed flower pieces. And then in November, we launched the first of our art drops - 12 different artists and 35 pieces of original artwork all under one roof which was amazing! All pieces under £700 and framed or ready to hang too to take the stress out of making framing decisions. 

You can view the November Art Drop here including available originals. Plus, we've got more drops planned for the New Year so keep your eyes peeled!

2. Partnership Editions

Partnership Editions was launched by Georgia Spray as a platform for affordable artwork, hoping to make art affordable for all and break down the 'elitism' image that surrounds it. It's since grown to incorporate collections of homeware too and the new artwork is released in seasonal drops, often followed by limited edition print runs of some of the most popular pieces. 

My picks from Partnership Editions:

I've always enjoyed the floral inspired pieces by Lisa Hardy and recently discovered Lottie Hampson through the platform - here's her 'Still Life with Tomato' below - £520.

Still Life with Tomato


 3. Domenica Marland

Domenica Marland's website exists in a similar nature - a carefully curated collection of pieces by up and coming artists. 

There's some useful categories such as under £150 or under £400 for easy browsing and some more unusual, eclectic pieces too including ceramics, wall hangings and mixed media. 

 My picks from Domencia Marland:

 Ruby Bateman - 'The Poets I' 2022 - £215

or 'Shell Specimens' by Love From Lexi 2021 £70


Ruby Bateman, 'The Poets I' 2022



Love from Lexi, 'Shell Specimens' 2021



Rather than a new, contemporary offering, Etalage specialises in sourcing beautiful antique and vintage prints and oil paintings. When looking at artwork for your home, I think it's often nice to look at a collection of artwork like you might look at the furniture of a room - a room feels lived in and like home if there is a good mixture of old and new - some beautiful antique furniture nestled amongst more contemporary rugs and fabrics for example. It's the same with artwork, I love a good mix of old and new. Etalage often has some great sets of framed prints or etchings we make for a lovely feature on a hallway wall or above a mantlepiece etc, along with some oil paintings that provide real texture and character. 

My picks from Etalage:

This set of 4 antique engravings of sea creatures in orange bobbin frames £660

or this vintage Impasto oil on board £415




The thing about auctions is that unless you're close by to the auction house, you're often relying on quite poor online photos without being able to see the piece in person. That being said, you can discover amazing artwork through auction houses- some of which might be sold as a lot of 4 or 5 pieces with only 1 picture- so it's worth going to have a look at the full lot if you're close enough!

When buying online on auction, just make sure you've checked the full condition of the piece- most auction houses are very helpful if you ring up and ask for more details. And check the SIZE carefully too!! There's no use conducting an exciting bidding war only to find out the piece you've won is actually for a doll's house!

I suggest having a look on The Saleroom to begin with - a good platform with lots of different auction houses. 

Be mindful of the fees- the hammer price is subject to auction fees so make sure you've worked out the whole total before you get too bidding happy!

Ham Interiors

Studio Ham by Ham Interiors has some gorgeous, larger-scale pieces. They're on the more expensive end, but a big painting above a dining table can make such a difference to a room. 

They often have quite unusual, really fun pieces too - like this Bear or beautiful painting of an Irish Wolfhound

Folk Art Painting of an Irish Wolf Hound — Studio HÁM

Act | One

Act One is a very new platform, set up this year by Fenella Brownlee and Jenny Webber. Their mission is again to bring new artists to the forefront. There is a slightly larger range of prices with pieces from £200 through to just under £5000 but some exciting artwork and lots of very talented artists. 

My picks from Act | One:

'Daughters of the Dust' by Alex Anaughe £1,000

or 'Summer Sensation' by Laura Gee £595


Print Club London

Print Club London - affordable limited edition screen prints and original artwork. I've seen some great pieces on this website and they often have amazing artists come and do residencies at their studio, producing bodies of limited edition works. 

My pick:

'Sketch Series' by Rosie Harbottle - beautiful limited edition screen prints from £130

Rosie Harbottle Print Club London Screenprint