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Style Your Spaces is a team of floral designers, artists and creators. We harness the natural beauty of flowers to create large-scale, contemporary floral installations for brands and weddings.  

Our floral-heavy, bespoke designs centre on celebrating colour and texture.We showcase the form and feel of each individual flower, creating playful and unique pieces.  

We work with fresh and dried flowers, each with their own distinct character. Our confidence in using a range of materials opens up endless possibilities for designs. We love the challenge of creating something just a little bit different. Let’s chat.


Our studio is committed to, and champions, foam-free floral design. No more environmentally harmful waste. Instead, we challenge ourselves to make our structures from reclaimed wood, chicken wire, foraged moss and anything else we can get our hands on! The studio makes efforts every day to limit our consumption of single-use plastics and to encourage others in the industry to follow suit!

We have built a network of local growers who supply us with seasonal flowers from the beautiful Scottish countryside along with expert suppliers who source any extra bits and pieces we may need. Our commitment to using the best materials available may involve a 5am trip to the market, but it’s essential for us to handpick the best!

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We love a creative wedding.

Think big suspended floral installations, beautiful, bold floral centrepieces or that ‘not so traditional’ wedding bouquet that you have always envisioned.  

For more details about our wedding services, head over here. Minimum spend applies.


We produce bespoke floral designs for a wide array of businesses and unique brands. We have collaborated with creative agencies, small businesses, hotels, theatres and editorials to celebrate their product launches, shop windows or their new offices. 

We help businesses stand out from the crowd by bringing a pop of colour and style that reflects each brand identity.   

If you’re a company looking for florals you can contact us here.  

View some of our previous commercial work here.

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