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Rosie Harbottle

'Begonia in Bloom' by Rosie Harbottle 2023

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 'Begonia in Bloom' is an impactful framed canvas piece set to brighten any space within your home. 

Rosie Harbottle is an artist and illustrator creating on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon. By using a combination of rich colours, mark making and brush strokes, Rosie's artwork creates joy and explores how it feels to surround yourself with nature and the deep happiness that can bring. 

As the growing season comes to an end this time of year, Rosie started to look inwards and think more about the plants that live inside her home. She was then inspired to paint a Begonia, the favourite of her houseplants, with its spotted playful leaves tumbling from the pot it proudly sits. 

Acrylic on canvas 
Framed size - 43 x 63cm. 

Sold by Style Your Spaces on behalf of Rosie Harbottle. 

All artwork sales are final.