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Polly Luce

'Golden' by Polly Luce 2023

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'Golden' was inspired by autumn and the magic of the change of the season. That moment when the leaves start to tinge gold and the mornings feel crisp, but there is still a subtle warmth when the sun rolls throughout the day.

Polly is an abstract painter living in North Somerset, UK. Her paintings are created intuitively and begin to take form by building on fragments of memory, place and imagination and through the gradual build up of layers. Scraped back areas of paint reveal remnants of the painting’s history, evoking ideas of weathering and the sense of the ever shifting landscape over time and through the seasons.

Mixed media on paper. 

Famed size 33 x 33 cm. 

Sold by Style your Spaces on behalf of Polly Luce. 

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