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Pygmalion Candles - My Sunshine - Set of 2

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These candles are sold in pairs of the same colour.

My Sunshine - Yellow

All Pygmalion candles are hand-poured, meaning no two candles are the same. Think of them as little burnable works of art, paint drips and all. Great for dinner parties, peppering around the house or as a thoughtful gift. The burn time is 15+ hours meaning you can light these for several nights in a row or at an all-day event.

Dimensions: approximately Ø2cm x H29cm

Some colourways are drip-free while others look amazing as the top colours flow down over the bottom ones.

Composition: 90% paraffin wax 10% stearin

Candle Care:

Make sure to extinguish the candle.

Never leave a lit candle out of sight.

Please note- we have done our best to represent the true colours of this product as accurately as possible but due to the many variations in monitors, lighting sources and digital photography, the colour of this product may appear slightly different in real life.