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Olive Paper Lampshade

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 A beautiful lampshade made from  a very pretty olive and brown paper designed by Cambridge Imprint. Finished with an olive trim. An instant uplift for any room. 

Available in a number of different sizes. Perfect with our bamboo style glossy lamp bases. 


T = Top diameter of lampshade in cm

B = Bottom diameter of lampshade in cm

H = Height from Top to Bottom in cm - the slope of the lampshade 

Depending on the paper used, larger lampshades may require two pieces of paper and  therefore may have a barely noticeable secondary seam.  

Lead time: on ~3 weeks. 

Handmade to order. Not eligible for returns or exchanges. 

Candle Clip size: 

T- 8cm B 14cm H 14cm  £85 

Table lamps: - (utility fitting to attach straight to the top of the lamp base)

Coolie Style

Small Coolie Shade T 10cm B 30cm  H 18cm  £145

(perfect for our bamboo style bases)

Large Coolie Shade T 15cm B 40cm H 19cm  £165


Small Empire T 10cm B 20cm H 17cm  £115

Medium Empire T 15cm B 30cm H 21.5cm £145

Large Empire T30cm B 40cm H 30cm £210

Pendant - for a ceiling fitting - please contact for bespoke fittings.

Pictured is the small coolie shade size.